Explore Eco Retreats in Australia

Eco Retreats

Australia holds an amazing treasure of natural reserves, which has always intrigued the restless roadies over the years and still continues to fascinate them. The country stretches across a staggeringly vast area and has a unique fusion of multicultural hues, demonstrated by various cities breathing their own charm and appeal into it. While Sydney is the glamorous confluence of bars and beaches, Melbourne is laden with art galleries and museums and thereby strikes the right note with art buffs around the world. Similarly, Brisbane leaps out as a subtropical town and Adelaide, on the other hand, gives off festive and ‘pubby’ poise. There are many options when it comes to exploring the gems of natural beauty in Australia, courtesy of eco retreats.

Haven for Art Lovers

Regardless of the city you stop by while taking shelter in a luxury accommodation in Australia, you will never be short of choices when it comes to live bands, movie theatres, and national parks, for that matter. Thanks to aboriginal arts, painting and dance, in particular, have taken a strong hold on the Australian culture, and the same is evident from every nook and cranny of the continent.

Goldmine of Assorted Cuisines

Coming to cuisines, seafood has assumed the role of a staple food for the Australians. Be it tender and juicy Moreton Bay Bugs or lip-smacking King George Whiting, your taste buds will surely relish their time in Australia. In addition, nothing is as good as this country when it comes to wines. To top it all, you will never be left wanting for coffee as petrol stations are fitted out with coffee machines while there exists an array of coffee baristas downtown.